Tibet, Jambhala

18th c. or later, Nepal or T., Jambhala, brass, see 18th c. Tajan, bronzesofindia

18th century or later, Nepal or Tibet, Jambhala, brass, private collection, photo on bronzesofindia .

18th c., Tibet, Jambhala, bronze, 5,1 cm, lab. Kubera, Asian art 2018 lot 29, Tajan 18th century, Tibet, Jambhala (labelled ‘Kubera’), bronze, private collection, photo on Tajan .
These two similar brass works depict Yellow Jambhala in his one-head and two-arm form, with the same attributes. We saw another such image here
18th c., Tibet, Jambhala, gilt bronze, 13 cm, 4 arms, 21nov07, furniture, clocks, deco A. lot 198, Amsterdam Sotheby's

18th century, Tibet, Jambhala, gilt bronze, private collection, photo on Sotheby’s .

A most unusual Nepalese-style sculpture of Jambhala with four arms. He holds a stick topped with a lotus bud in his upper left hand and what may be a triple gem (triratna) in the other.
16th century, Tibet, Jambhala (labelled ‘Vaishravana’), gilt bronze, private collection, photo on lot-art
Equally unusual is this Jambhala. Like White Jambhala, he is seated sideways on a snow lion but he holds a citron and a mongoose, and doesn’t have a third eye.

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