Bhutan, a few lamas (3)

Circa 17th century, Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyel, gilt bronze, private collection, photo by Nagel, sale 736 China 4

The founder of the Bhutanese kagyu order is often depicted as an elderly man with a thin moustache and goatee, seated at ease on a Bhutanese-style lotus base, coiffed with the drukpa kagyu fan-shaped hat. In this case he holds a manuscript in his right hand and a vase of longevity in the other.

The cavity of the lotus base is filled with scrolls.

Unlabelled (circa 18th century?, Bhutan, possibly Ngawang Namgyel, gilt metal with cold gold and pigments), private collection, photo on HAR

A teacher seated on a similar lotus base, with lobed petals overlapping and going upward, his left hand in the gesture of debate. He probably held a manuscript in his right hand.

17th-18th century, Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyal, gilt copper (alloy?), private collection, photo on Hanhai Auction

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