Tibet, Yellow Jambhala (11)

13th century, Tibet, Jambhala, bronze (copper alloy), private collection, photo by Lempertz.

Yellow Jambhala, peaceful and smiling, seated on a lotus pedestal with his right foot on a water pot (kalash), holding a citron fruit and a minute mongoose, adorned with floral jewellery and wearing a loin cloth decorated with incisions and a stippled pattern.

13th century, Tibet, Jambhala, stone, private collection, photo by Hollywood Galleries, published on http://www.asianart.com.

This rare stone example depicts him with an effigy of a buddha (Ratnasambhava) in his headdress.

13th-14th c., Tibet, Jambhala, bronze with cold gold on the face, private collection, photo by Lempertz.

This one has a foot on a lotus flower stemming from the lotus pedestal on which his mongoose is disgorging jewels.

14th century, Tibet or Nepal, Yellow Jambhala (labelled Kubera), gilt copper alloy with turquoise inlay, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

Between the 14th and 16th century this peaceful aspect of Jambhala was occasionally depicted seated on a single or double lotus supported by a row of pots forming a pedestal, his right foot resting on a pot placed on a lotus attached to the base.

14th century, same, brass with turquoise inlay, at the British Museum in London (UK).

We have seen quite a few similar Pala-style images in previous posts. This one has a long  garland of round gems around his neck and princely jewellery and crown. His mongoose is spitting jewels forming a loop.


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