Tibet, Green Tara (8)

14th century, Tibet, Tara, copper alloy, private collection, photo by Nagel.

Her right hand in the gesture of supreme generosity, the other bestowing refuge and holding the stem of a lotus, Green Tara is adorned with a low tiara and has her hair coiled into an unusual conical chignon. Her soft facial features are typical of Tibetan art.

Same as before, with silver, gold and turquoise inlay, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

The festooned tiara and belt, the richly inlaid lower garment, the heavy breasts and the ornate lotuses on this masterpiece follow the Indian Pala style. She displays a lotus within a diamond (incised) in the palm of her hand.

14th century, Tibet, Tara and devotees, ivory, Nyingjei Lam collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

This rare item depicts her with two small kneeling figures, possibly the donors. Above them, scrolled vegetation, an elephant, a snake and various flowers.

14th-15th century, Western Tibet, Tara, copper alloy with stone and copper inlay, private collection, photo by Bonhams.

This figure with silver-inlaid eyes and stone-inlaid jewellery (the stones now missing) is a good example of how West Tibetan artists mixed together elements from outside Tibet with unique features of their own creation, producing highly original pieces, usually un-gilt.

Below the incised rim of her three-leaf crown there is a jewel pendant that rests just above the raised urna on her forehead.

Her lower garment is held in place with a cloth belt knotted at the back and decorated with festoons and pendants.

Late 15th century, Tibet, Tara, gilt copper alloy and pigment, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

Her right foot always rests on a lotus flower stemming from the base.

15th century, Tibet, Tara, gilt metal with cold gold and pigments, is or was at the gTsug Lakhang in Lhasa, published by Ulrich von Schroeder.


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