Tibet, Ushnishavijaya (5)

15th century circa, Tibet, Ushnishavijaya, gilt bronze (copper alloy), private collection, photo by Sotheby’s.

This is  the three-head and eight-hand form of this long-life goddess, the main hands holding a double thunderbolt sceptre (visvajra),  the lower right hand doing the gesture of supreme generosity, the left one sustaining a long-life vase, her middle hands holding a bow and an arrow, her upper right one an effigy of Amitabha seated on a lotus. The missing object in the top left hand was either a lasso or a thunderbolt sceptre.

17th century, Tibet, Ushnishavijaya, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York (USA).

Here the attributes are missing but the position of the hands is similar. The facial features, shape of the crown and use of parcel gilding are typical of 17th and 18th century Tibeto-Chinese style works (made by a Tibetan artist for a Chinese patron).

Same as before, at the Johnson Museum in Cornwell University (USA).

On this fully gilt example, the arrow is missing from her middle right hand.



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