Tibet, various lamas (5)

16th century, Tibet, Khyung.po’l.Zabs, copper alloy with silver inlay, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

This lama, who appears to have no vest, wears a Sakya hat incised with a rice grain motif and a robe with an incised floral pattern on the border. There is a diamond engraved in the palm of his hand, his eyes are inlaid with silver.

He does the teaching gesture with his right hand, the other is held in meditation and may have sustained a manuscript.

Same, Samsmedyon Dramchon, same as before.

This one holds a flaming jewel in his left hand and a pearl between the right thumb and forefinger (it could also be a pill but the other attribute would then be a medicine bowl).

His eyes are inlaid with silver, a lotus inside a diamond is engraved in the palm of his right hand. He wears the full monastic garments, the hem decorated with various floral motifs.

15th century, Tibet, Sangye Chospa, silver, at the Sangphu Monastery, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

An interesting combination of patched vest and plain pleated robe, the latter worn in the Indian fashion, both with thick beading on the edge, the undergarment pleated under the breast. An inscription on the base tells us that this image was made for the chief abbot of the monastery, Choje Sherab palden zangpo, which situates it in the mid 1470s.

18th century, Tibet, Rolpai Dorje, gilt copper alloy, private collection, published on http://www.buddhistart.com

Changkya Rolpai Dorje, from Changkya, Kham, Eastern Tibet, became an important translator and teacher at the (Chinese) Qing court during the 18th century. He is depicted seated on three embroidered cushions covered with a blanket (a feature which normally indicates that the sculpture was made during his lifetime), wrapped in fine monastic garments and framed by two open lotuses.



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