Tibet, various lamas

14th century, Tibet, Dragpa’l Pel, copper alloy with silver and copper inlay, private collection, photo by Bonhams.

Drakpa’i Pel, has silver-inlaid eyes and copper inlaid lips. He wears the full set of monastic garments decorated with an incised hem and silver and copper inlay. The artist has made tiny notches on his head to give the hair more life.

15th-16th century, Tibet, possibly Chöd Drugpa Jamyang Gonpo, copper alloy, at the Norton Simon Art Foundation in Pasadena (USA).

Dressed in fine Chinese silks, this lama does the teaching gesture with his right hand …

and holds what looks like a (tilted) long-life vase in his left hand.

16th century, Tibet, Dorje Gyaltsen, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York (USA).

The right hand calls Earth to witness, the left hand holds a long-life vase.

16th century, Tibet, Kunpang Chatral Choje, bronze (copper alloy), at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel (Switzerland).

This lama’s patched garments have an incised hem displaying various patterns. The style and high level of craftsmanship point to the Tsang area in Central Tibet.

15th-16th century, Tibet, Kedrub Choje, bronze (copper alloy), private collection, photo by Christie’s.

An inscription on the base identifies this deified lama as Dorje Chang Kedrub Choje, possibly a 13th century Tibetan scholar.

He holds a manuscript in his left hand and the stems of lotuses that support a vajra sceptre and a bell.

The back of his gown is decorated with a chased motif.


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