Tibet, bearded lamas

16th century circa, Tibet, lama, copper alloy, is or was at the Jokhang in Lhasa, published by Ulrich von Schroeder.

A few (generally late) sculptures of lamas depict them with facial hair, usually a moustache, goatee and beard. The above has cold gold on his face and the details have been painted with pigments, blue for the hair, white for the facial hair. His cloak is decorated with a chased cloud pattern and a geometrical and floral border. A tiny foot shows under the abundant Chinese silk fabric. He holds a manuscript in his left hand and does the teaching gesture with the other.

16th-17th century, Tibet, Chokyi Dragpa Jungne, hollow gilt copper, at the Fondation Alain Bordier.

This Tibetan buddhist teacher sports a long curly beard that follows the jawline, no moustache or goatee.

17th century, Tibet, Kagyu lama, copper alloy with copper and silver inlay, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

A stunning character seated on an antelope skin over a double lotus base, holding a bowl in his left hand and a vajra sceptre in the other.

His eyes and facial hair, except for the eyebrows, are made of silver. He doesn’t wear a vest and his chest would be bare but for a copper-inlaid strip, presumably a piece of material to hold his robe in place. There is a richly embroidered cloak resting over his left shoulder.

18th century, Tibet, lama, horn and paint, at the British Museum in London (UK).

This lama with a  Chinese-style beard and goatee  holds a long-life vase in his left hand.



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