Tibet, lamas on cushion (3)

14th century, Tibet, Kagyu lama, brass with copper inlay, private collection, photo by Bonhams.

A standard portrait of a lama dressed in monastic garments with a copper-inlaid and incised hem, seated on a plain cushion, his right hand calling Earth to witness, the other held in the meditation gesture.

14th-15th century, same, dark copper alloy with traces of cold gold, same as before.

This frowning personage has a rosary around his left wrist and holds does the ‘turning the wheel of dharma‘ gesture. His vest and outer robe have a broad hem decorated with a large incised motif. The folds of the cloth are marked with a deep groove.

16th century circa, Tibet, lama, gilt copper alloy, copper alloy, turquoise, private collection, photo by Sotheby’s.

This one does a pointing gesture with one hand and holds a flaming jewel inlaid with turquoise in the other. His mediation cloak has slipped off his shoulders and forms a soft mass of cloth wrapping his legs, with the tip of a felt boot showing through. The palm of his hand and the hem of his gown are incised with a floral design. The cushion is placed on a plinth decorated with turquoise-inlaid shapes.

17th century, Tibet, lama, copper alloy, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

An interesting combination of a soft cloth over an antelope skin itself over a blanket covering two cushions, supporting a rotund figure with both legs well wrapped in his cloak, his right hand doing the teaching gesture.

Same, private collection, published on http://www.cambiaste.com

This Kagyu lama sits on three cushions covered with a blanket topped with a soft cloth, a thin cloak covering his shoulders.



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