Tibet, lamas on throne (3)

14th century, Tibet, lama, gilt brass, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (USA).

Seated on a low double-lotus base placed on a small throne supported by  lions and makaras and decorated with a triratna at the front, this lama wears the usual monastic garments, including a meditation cloak with an incised hem. The left hand calls Earth to witness while the other does the meditation gesture.

16th century, Tibet, Kagyu lama, copper alloy with silver and copper inlay, private collection, photo by Koller.

Coiffed with the Drugpa/Drukpa hat, this Kagyu lama holds a long-life vase in his left hand and does the teaching gesture with the other, seated on a lotus atop a stepped throne supported by lions and decorated with an upright vjara sceptre and ribbons at the front, the upper rim of the throne and parts of his garments richly incised with a floral pattern.

16th-17th century, Tibet, lama, copper alloy with silver inlay, at the British Museum in London (UK).

Inspired by earlier works, this more sober sculpture includes silver-inlay for the hem of the robe and the cloth over the throne. His elongated arms and torso are typical of the 17th century (Tibet).


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