Tibet, various mahasiddhas (7)

Mahasiddha Kukkuripa, Tibet, undated, metal, at the Capital Museum in Beijing (China).

Kukkuripa is seated in the vajra position, stroking his little dog, who is standing on his lap, and holding a vajra-tipped stick in his left hand. He is adorned with a five-skull crown with long flowing ribbons, princely jewellery once inlaid with stones, including large floral disc earrings, a beaded cross belt and a belt with ‘raining jewel’ pendants.


15th-16th century, Tibet, bronze, Mahasiddha Catrapa, at the Power House Museum in Sydney (Australia).

Catrapa normally carries a manuscript (lost here) in one hand.

18th century, Tibet, Mahasiddha, gilt bronze (copper alloy) and blue pigment, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

This tantric practitioner holds a drum made of two skullcaps (damaru) in his right hand and a skull cup in the other.




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