Tibet, Mahasiddha Damarupa (2)

15th-16th century, Tibet, Damarupa, copper alloy with cold gold and pigments, at the Tibet House Museum in New Delhi (India).

Damarupa is depicted with a wide gaze, his hair fastened in a top knot. He is adorned with flowers and large earrings (spiral-shaped).

Undated, Tibet, Mahasiddha Damarupa, copper alloy, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

Seated in the vajra position, on an antelope skin, the Indian teacher holds a drum (damaru) in his right hand and a skull cup in the other. He is adorned with flowers, a cross belt and a celestial scarf, and wears a short dhoti knotted at the front. His eyes are inlaid with silver.

Same, gilt metal and stone inlay, at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel (Switzerland).

On this more recent sculpture, he sits in a different position, on the skin of an animal with the head placed to one side. He wears a tiara with only three skulls (instead of five), bone jewellery inlaid with turquoise, large hoops.


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