Tibet, Milarepa (9)

Milarepa, Tibet, undated, copper alloy with metal inlay and pigments, published in Sattvas & Rajas, the Culture and Art of Tibetan Buddhism, photo on Himalayan Art Resources.

On this masterpiece, Milarepa’s eyes and  large urna are inlaid with silver, his lips and yogic strap are painted red, the hair dyed with blue pigment. We have seen a very similar Tibetan sculpture dated 14th century by Koller auctions, but with copper inlay instead of red paint.

The meditation strap is incised with a rice grain motif.

15th century circa, Tibet, Milarepa, bronze (copper alloy) and pigment, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

A similar style, with delicate fingers and toes, seated on a single plump cushion with rounded edges of the sort seen on earlier Tibetan works.

Undated (16th century circa?), Tibet, Milarepa, copper alloy, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

Another fine sculpture of the Tibetan saint, wearing spiral-shaped earrings, a broad yogic band decorated with a rice grain pattern, a soft robe with a floral pattern on the edge; his eyes, (missing) urna and teeth  are inlaid with silver. The palm of his right hand displays a wheel of dharma.

He sits on the skin of an antelope with twisted horns, over a tall double-lotus base with plump elongated petals and two rows of beading – a design dating back to the late 14th century.





One thought on “Tibet, Milarepa (9)

  1. Ancient indians got the bronze from the Mines in Rajasthan,Afghan,Bihar.

    You can easily find the Buddhist caves,statues and other monuments here.

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