Western Tibet, a few triads (2)

12th century, Western Tibet, triad, brass, is or was at the gTsug Lakhang, published by Ulrich von Schroeder.

These Kashmiri-style figures stand on  lotuses over a plinth supported by two snow lions and a yaksha, their faces painted with cold gold. Shakyamuni, at the centre, holds one end of his pleated sanghati in his left hand, the right hand does the fear-allaying gesture. Avalokiteshvara, to his right, holds a large lotus flower, the right hand does the gesture of supreme generosity. Vajrapani, on the other side, holds an upright vajra sceptre in his right hand, the left hand resting over his thigh.

Labelled 10th-11th century, Pakistan or Swat Valley (more likely Western Tibet), brass, published on http://www.arcimboldo-cz.

A very similar sculpture depicting the same characters.

12th century (or later copy?), Western Tibet, Threesome, Vajrapani, Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, brass, on http://www.gg-art.com.

Manjushri, at the centre, holds a blue lotus supporting a manuscript and a sword.

12th-13th century, Western Tibet, Guge or Purang, bodhisattvas, brass, copper, silver, gilding, private collection, photo by Hughes Dubois.

This singular work is a small reproduction of a life-size sculpture from the Khojarnath monastery in the Purang province of Western Tibet. Avalokiteshvaras torso (at the centre) is made of pure silver, his dhoti is made of brass with copper and silver inlay;  to his left, Manjushri holding a lotus that supports a manuscript, to his right, Vajrapani, his right hand cupped to hold a (missing) vajra sceptre upright. The figures have Kashmiri-style body shapes and proportions, the garlands of flowers and the design of the dhotis are typical of the Guge Kingdom area, the arch with Kirtimukha at the top and mythical creatures on each side are borrowed from Nepalese art.



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