Tibet, seated Maitreya (15)

15th century, Tibet, Maitreya, gilt copper alloy with turquoise inlay, private collection, photo by Bonhams.

The buddha of the future is seated with both legs pendant, his feet resting on a lotus, his hands doing the ‘turning the wheel of dharma‘ gesture and holding the stem of lotuses that support a stupa (to his right)  and a ritual water pot (to his left).

The face has been painted with cold gold and pigments. His crown and jewellery are inlaid with turquoise and include lotiform earrings.

The stepped throne is decorated with incised foliate scrolls at the bottom and a rice grain pattern at the top.

16th-17th century, Tibet, Maitreya, gilt bronze (copper alloy), private collection, photo by Christie’s.

Occasionally, the lotus to his right supports a wheel (cakra) and the stupa is in his headdress.

Undated, Tibet, Maitreya, copper alloy with cold gold and pigments, at the Buddhist Culture Museum in Singapore.

The lotus to his right does not always support an attribute.

16th-17th century, Tibet, Maitreya, same as before.

Maitreya may also be seated in the vajra position.

17th century circa, Tibet, Maitreya, copper alloy and cold gold, private collection, photo by Bonhams.

This one has a long-life vase (kalasha) to his right and the usual water pot (kundika) to his left. (A page on attributes is under way).



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