Tibet, Avalokiteshvara, padmapani – seated (4)

11th century, Western Tibet (labelled Nepal), Avalokiteshvara, copper alloy, private collection, photo by Bessie Chen.

Probably part of a triad or a larger set, this image portrays Avalokiteshvara in his ‘lotus bearer’ form, his right hand held out in the gesture of generosity, the other holding the stem of a lotus, a small antelope skin over his left shoulder. He is adorned with beaded jewellery and a sacred thread, a flowing scarf and a tripartite crown with triangular panels typical of Western Tibet.

13th-14th century, Tibet, Avalokiteshvara, gilt copper alloy, private collection, published on http://www.tenzingasianart.com

Probably made by a Newar artist, this harmonious figure is adorned with stone-inlaid accessories and wears a dhoti incised with a floral motif, the folds gathered under the ankle and decorated with a gem.

15th-16th century, Tibet, Avalokiteshvara, gilt bronze (copper alloy) with stone and glass inlay, at the Seattle Art Museum (USA).

A similar style, with large armbands and matching calf adornments, bracelets, anklets, and rings on his fingers (a feature typical of Newar art).





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