Phagpa Lokeshvara, variants (2)

Undated (14th century circa?), Tibet?, wood, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

Quite different from the original in proportions, he holds his right hand at the same awkward angle and also has an effigy of himself on the front panel of his crown. The developed pectorals and the facial features point to a Tibetan artist.

Undated, Tibetan or Nepalese artist, Phagpa Lokeshvara, wood, at Tabo Monastery in Himachal Pradesh, published by Ian Alsop (see link in left-hand column).This one has a lotus flower on the front panel of his crown.

Undated, Tibet or Nepal, polychrome wood, private collection, photo by Spink & Son.

Dressed in a tight-fitting ankle-length dhoti decorated with a small geometrical motif, coupled with a broad sash, he holds an object in his left hand.

Undated, Tibet or Nepal, gilt wood, private collection, same as before.

A slim figure with long legs,  a soft sash worn low down and knotted to one side, decorated with foliated scrolls.

His hair and facial features have been painted with pigments.

Undated, Tibet or Nepal, wood and cold gold, pigments, private collection, published on Himalayan Art Resources.

Another figure with long legs, and a particularly tall headdress. It is worth noting that on these sculptures the height of the crown is almost double that of the folded hair (unlike the prototype at the Potala).

His face is painted with cold gold, the facial features and the hair with pigments.

We have seen such short dhotis painted with a geometrical motif in black and red/ochre on wooden works made during the Nepalese Malla period. This one also wears his sash very low down, but the end is stiff and rectangular.


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