Tibet, Shadakshari Lokeshvara (12)

16th century, Tibet, Shadakshari Lokeshvara, parcel gilt silver with turquoise inlay, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

We have seen a similar 15th-16th century sculpture of Ushnishavijaya, with parcel gilding, large turquoise cabochons and a richly incised dhoti.

There is an effigy of Amitabha in his headdress, an antelope skin over his left shoulder. The rim of his crown is inlaid with triangular turquoise stones between two rows of beading. The extensive use of turquoise, the parcel-gilding and his clothes are inspired by Chinese art.

His shawl, incised with a cloud pattern, only covers the back and shoulders.

17th century, Tibet, Shadakshari Lokeshvara, copper alloy, private collection, photo by Bonhams.The face and accessories of this figure are also gilt, probably with cold gold, which wears off more easily. His shawl or scarf drops down softly towards the lotus base. The upper tier of the platform is larger than the lower one (it is normally the other way round).

There are traces of red pigment on the lips and blue pigment on the hair. His jewellery and crown have the same floral motif.

17th century, same, copper alloy, private collection, photo by Sknner.

Here too, the floral motif is the same for all the accessories. Apart from his shawl, there seems to be a scarf attached from the elbows downwards.

Same as before, at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena (USA).

This curious example, with a square face and slanted eyes, has long fingers with pronounced fingertips, spiral-shaped earrings with foliate pendants, a shawl and a voluminous dhoti. He sits on slightly-domed (rather meringue-like) lotus base.



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