Kashmir – deity with lasso

13th century, Kashmir, Amoghasiddhi, brass, private collection, photo by Christie's.

13th century, Kashmir  labelled Amoghasiddhi, brass, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

If this is Amoghasiddhi, it is a surprising image as this buddha normally has his left hand in the dhyana mudra, the other in the abhaya mudra, and his mount is the garuda. This very rare work could depict Amoghapasha holding a lasso  or pasha (his main attribute), but the one-head and two-hand form of this deity normally has the right hand extended palm out and the other in a gesture proper to him (the tip of the ring finger pressed against the tip of the thumb, palm out).


The deity is seated in the vajra position, adorned with a three-leaf crown with large bows and ribbons and a long garland of flowers reminiscent of West Tibetan works. The one-piece mandorla with ornate flames and a stupa at the top is very similar to one we have seen on an 11th-12th century Tara from Himachal Pradesh, kept at the British Museum.


The rearing horse at the front of the throne is extremely rare.


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