Nepal, early Malla – rare sculptures

13th century, Nepal, Kunzang Akhor, gilt copper alloy, private collection, Christie's.

13th century, Nepal, Kunzang Akor, gilt copper alloy, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

This exceptional work depicts Kunzang Akor, one of the main Bön deities, identified through the Tibetan letter A on his chest, seated in the vajra position with both hands in the dhyana mudra. He is adorned with a tall foliate crown with rosettes, his chignon topped with a jewel, two necklaces, armbands and matching adornments worn around the shins, bracelets and anklets…

13th c., Nepal, Kunzang Akhor, Bön, gilt c.a., floral+foliate pattern on dhoti, ringed fingers, 46,7 cm, detail, Christie's

and rings on his thumbs with a floral design that match the longer necklace.

15th c, Nepal, Kathmandu valley, esoteric char., cop.+traces gilding, 16cm, vertical 3rd eye, lion-head pommel, vajra in cavity, Met

15th century, Nepal, Kathmandu valley, esoteric character, copper with traces of gilding, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA).

This figure is seated with one leg raised and holding what may be a sheathed dagger in the left hand and the hilt of a (broken) weapon in the other. He has a third eye and fangs. There is a cavity in his rib cage at heart level.


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