Nepal, early Malla Maitreya – standing

14th century circa, Nepal, Maitreya, wood, private collection, photo by Christie's.

14th century circa, Nepal, Maitreya, wood, private collection, photo by Christie’s.

Only the dharmacakra mudra and the absence of other bodhisattva’s attributes indicate that this is likely to be Maitreya. He stands on a single-lotus base on scrolled vegetation, adorned with a five-leaf crown, earrings, two necklaces, armbands, bracelets, wearing an ankle-length dhoti with a crinkled hem. He has a squarish face, broad shoulders and hips, the latter enhanced by the bent torso and the abundance of fabric around him.

14th century, Nepal, gilt copper alloy, published by Cornette.

14th century, Nepal, gilt copper alloy and gemstones, published by Cornette.

Equally singular, this sculpture depicts Maitreya with a tripartite crown made of two leaf panels and a stupa at the front, enhanced by stone-inlaid side bows shaped like part of a flower. Another foliate panel tops his chignon. He is adorned with stone-inlaid jewellery and holds an oval object in one hand, perhaps a citron, and the stem of a large lotus flower in the other. The pointed end of the dhoti touching the base and the sinuous fold at the front are typical of the Malla style. A long sacred thread passes under and over a thin sash knotted to the left. His beaked nose and small chin are typical of Nepalese sculptures.

Same as before.

Same as before, photo by Christie’s.

This is a standard portrait of Maitreya, with a pot of water in the left hand, a lotus on the same side, the right hand doing the vitarka mudra.

14th c., Nepal, Maitreya, gilt c.a.+pig., sash, sacred thread, vessel, 23,4 cm, close up, Christie's

His lower garment is richly incised with vegetation and held in place with a stone-inlaid belt. There is a small antelope skin over his left shoulder, a broad sacred thread across his chest, inlaid with gems, and just below it a broad sash knotted at the back.



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