Mongolia, White Chakrasamvara

17th-18th century, Mongolia, Chakrasamvara and consort, gilt copper alloy with pigments, private collection, photo by Rossi & Rossi

This form of Chakrasamvara is always seated in embrace with his consort, Vajravarahi, who holds a skull cup and a flaying knife or two vajras. He holds two vases of longevity (usually both in his right hand). He has three eyes, his chignon is topped with a flaming jewel, they are both adorned with jewellery. She wears a beaded  belt, with a flower design. His flat celestial scarf is neatly arranged behind him over the lotus base. The hem of his long dhoti is decorated with an incised motif,  the tail end of the garment is folded into a floral shape in front of him. The lotus base is typical of  works produced in Mongolia by Zanabazar or by the Zanabazar school.


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