Nepal, Maitreya – Licchavi period

7th-8th century, Nepal, Maitreya,

7th-8th century, Nepal, Maitreya, bronze, at the Cleveland Museum of Art (USA).

This is Maitreya in his buddha form, sitting on a throne with his legs pendant, his feet resting on a pedestal. His delicate body, with very thing legs, and his small face contrast with the bulk of the throne and the amount of cloth under him. His hands are doing the dharmacakra mudra (turning the wheel of the law gesture). His outer garment covers both shoulders, in the Indian fashion, and has concentric folds often seen on sculptures of the historical buddha from the late Licchavi period (7th-9th century) and, to a lesser extent, on Indian Gupta works. We will note the way his hair is made of thick beading and topped with a very small chignon (ushnisha) with tufts of hair sticking out.






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