Tibet, Vajradaka (3)

Vajradaka, Tibet, 17th c., bronze with c. inlay

Undated, Tibet, brass with copper inlay (third eye), private collection.

This is the top part of the charcoal burner, representing Vajradaka/Vajradhaka in a squatting position with a thunderbolt or vajra and a vajra-handled bell crossed over his heart. He is adorned with a five-skull crown attached with ribbons large lotus-design earrings and bone jewellery.

18th century, Tibet, Vajradhaka, gilt copper alloy, private collection on Himalayan Art Resources.

Labelled 18th century, Tibet, Vajradaka, gilt copper alloy, private collection.

This one is wearing a Chinese-style cross belt and a garland of severed human heads.

Undated, Tibet, Vajradhaka, silver,

Undated, Tibet, Vajradhaka, silver, on Himalayan Art Resources.

This silver figure has a leopard skin  wrapped around his waist


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