Tibet, Vajradakini

12th-13th c., Tibet, Vajradakini, bronze, at the Norton Simon Museum (USA)

12th-13th c., Tibet, Vajradakini, bronze with copper and silver inlay, at the Norton Simon Museum (USA).

Sculptures of Vajradakini are extremely rare. She is one of the four dakinis represented around Vajaryogini on mandalas. She normally holds a vajra in the right hand and a vessel of auspicious substances in the other, and has a ritual staff in the fold of her left arm. The above holds an unidentified object in her left hand. She has three eyes, inlaid with silver, and wears a skull crown with a floral motif, a matching necklace, large floral earrings, bone armbands, bracelets and anklets, a snake as  a sacred cord, a leopard skin over her shoulders and breasts, a tiger skin around her waist.


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