Eastern Tibet, Vajrakila and consort

13th-14th century, Eastern Tibet, brass, at Brussels

13th-14th century, Eastern Tibet, bronze, private collection.

Vajrakila Heruka is depicted here with his consort, Dipta Chakra, who has one head, two hands (holding a skull cup and a flaying knife), two legs, one wrapped around his waist.  She is wearing a bone apron. He has three faces, each with three eyes and bared fangs, four legs, six hands, the central ones hold a kila (knife with a triangular blade) at heart level, the right ones hold vajras (thunderbolts or sceptres) and the left ones hold trisulas (tridents). He has a tiger skin wrapped around his waist, a human skin and an elephant hide stretched over his back, and is adorned with jewellery, snakes, a garland of 5o freshly severed heads, a half-vajra on top of his hair. There are two corpses under their feet.


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