Nepal, a rare seated buddha

9th-10th century, Nepal, buddha Shakyamuni, Thakuri period, bronze, at the Ashmolean Museum (UK)

9th-10th century, Nepal, buddha Shakyamuni, bronze, at the Ashmolean Museum (UK)

Statues produced in Nepal during the Thakuri period  (820-1200 AD) are usually made of copper, sometimes of copper alloy, lavishly painted with cold gold and pigments. This one therefore stands out as it is made of bronze and has acquired a very dark patina.  But the most interesting thing about is the unusual pedestal made of a patterned cushion resting on three short legs. It may, in fact, be unique.


5 thoughts on “Nepal, a rare seated buddha

  1. Hi
    Stumbled here looking for a statue similar to this one with cushioned seat standing on three legs with some traces of gold .
    Thanks a lot for providing these wonderful rich history of Nepal artisans.

      • Hi
        True the artist those days aspired creating new techniques and still used today.
        Am originally from Nepal and thus interested in these.
        Not sure if you ever heard of Arniko, scultpure from Nepal.

        And of my main reasons to post in this particular 3 legged stand Cushion Buddha is I have a similar one with me.
        I could send you photos of to you email, as you mentioned it probably being unique, you might find it interesting.

      • Yes, I believe one of Aniko (or Arniko)’s work has been published on the blog. He lived several centuries after that buddha on a three-legged seat was produced. A photo of your sculpture would be very interesting indeed. You can send it by e-mail with any details you would like to appear in the legend (such as ‘private collection of Pravu Kaphle’ or simply ‘private collection’ etc.). Thank you kindly.

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